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The easiest way to design your albums.

Album Express® puts thousands of professionally-designed templates at your fingertips, while giving you full creative freedom. Select your images, drag and drop, and immediately see a design. It’s that simple. With beautiful layouts to choose from, easy customization, and time-saving technologies, there is no better way to design your album.

  • Inbuilt album configurations & flexibility to choose or create album size.
  • Automatic Album creation in multiple styles.
  • All Image formats are supported: jpeg, tiff, png, psd, RAW, CR2, DNG, ARW, NEF
  • 14000+ layouts and 600+ Templates makes Page composition faster.
  • Inbuilt decors like backgrounds, frames/ borders, masks, cliparts helps you to make page composition attractive.
  • Inbuilt photo editing like BCG, RGB, Levels & Curves
  • Advance editing like Eraser, Chroma, highlighter, touchup.
  • Onboard Photo filters colorize, blur, shadow,opacity, blend,
  • Output to JPG , PDF, TIF, PNG, BMP, PSD*  ePub, HTML, Facebook,

Astounding speed.

With the new function Smart Project, drop your images onto the Timeline and see your spreads come to life with each click. It feels magical. Album Express does to design what digital did to photography, a total revolution, there is nothing like it.

  • The Design we made it intuitive, quick, and simple.
  • Choose to show your top templates more often by “favoriting” them, delete others by opting to “reject”.
  • Create a group of photos for the page and magically you’ll see the appropriate templates.
  • To create a new order of the photos with the new templates move the photos from one group to another one.
  • It’s a really easy and fast to design an album using the new functionality Smart Project

Photo Editing Integrated

Correct and enhance images with Curves, Black and White, White Balance, plus over a other non-destructive adjustments which preview instantly and can be edited at any time. The Editor Photo also provides advanced and so you have full control to really bring out the best in any image.

  • Eraser, remove unwanted area of photo without cutting tool.
  • Simple brush eraser with flexible brush size, feather and tolerance.
  • Chroma tool to remove chroma green screen and blu screen.
  • Partial black and white, retain colors of Important parts of the photo.
  • Clone Stamp, remove all faults, wrinkles, blemishes and marks from the face.
  • Correction tool to manage colors in photo.
  • Tool to lighten Eyes and Teeth
  • Edit with Photoshop, direct access to Photoshop for photo editing.

Proofing and Share your Album

Slideshow Album now a part of Album Express. Make slideshows of your album projects. Enter your music and publish it in ePub or in HTML for free on our cloud or on your FTP. You can make your proofing for free through the share on Facebook, and request the approval of your customers.

  • Export PDF Preview, for approval copy exporting for offline album viewing and commenting.
  • Free online Proofing, publishing on Facebook for online album approval.
  • Export HTML Multimedia Album on Album Express Free Cloud for easy access across the devices and globe.
  • Export HTML Multimedia Album on your Web Site for easy access across the devices and globe.
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